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Q: How do we regulate our War Against Hunger Program?

When people come to our office, they are asked to complete a form to determine if they can participate in the program if they earn less than $16,000.00 yearly (with evidence of income, unemployment, etc.). Once they are deemed qualified they are able to receive food from our food bank. We also do door to door food distribution to elderly and disabled people.

Q: How do people find out about our War Against Hunger program?

The people who are served by the food bank hear the news about the Food Program through our various intervention on WLQY 1320 AM radio, Radio Mega 1700 am, WSRN 1580 amIsland TV, 880 am the Biz etc.

Q: What is included in the after care and summer programs of JEM Academy?

For the JEM Academy program, we have personnel involved that can provide homework help, extensive reading comprehension and grammar activities to prepare them for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test ( FCAT ), and integrated computer activities. For the past two summers we ran a program mi-June through late August, with the Assistance of the South Florida Workforce, for children to receive childcare services that incorporated educational activities and games, local field trips to park and other recreational facilities, organized with the help of local businesses.

Q: How are the children selected for the JEM Academy?

As much as we would to provide for all the children in the community. The JEM Academy is predominantly a service for those families who earn less than $16,000.00 yearly. We establish the same criteria for participation as our food bank service, the War Against Hunger program. The families involved with the after school and summer Programs do not pay for these services.