Our Vision

What is our goal in the long run?

We are committed to bringing about positive results in our communities and Internationally. Our long term goals is to reach more people beyond our communities in the States and have different base of operations working with the city, that would ensure that no children go to bed hungry. Our future goals also included helping people find gainful employment in the communities as a way to deter violence from the result of idleness.

Our long term goal beyond our American borders is to continue to provide help for those that were affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and also help to reinvigorate a Haitian Cultural Renaissance in different sectors of Haiti. As one of the most powerful country in the world, we are known to be the most helpful. We are a dedicated group determined to follow this mission through.

"An idle mind is the devil's playground" American proverb

Providing food to unprivileged families, serving hot meals to the homeless population and helping the community stay healthier are our business. We cannot do it alone, that is the reason why we are calling upon you for your financial assistance to carry out this humanitarian cause. All of the proceeds are used directly aforementioned programs. Whether your donation is in the form of monetary, various goods or your services, we thank you for your generosity of spirit to continue on with our mission.